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Guarantee Conditions

*DM-Autoteile GmbH, as the guarantor, grants a guarantee of freedom from defects for all plastic parts in the specified time from the date of purchase. If a corresponding guarantee is shown in the item description, the statutory warranty rights of the buyer remain unaffected. The prerequisite for this is the proper and verifiable proof of correct installation. In the case of externally coated plastic parts, proof of the coating is required. DM-Autoteile GmbH only grants a guarantee for the object of purchase. Any follow-up costs, such as e.g. for painting, assembly, etc. The guarantor must be informed in writing beforehand in order to agree on the processing details. Adequate testing time is mandatory. In the event of a warranty claim, a return / exchange is free of charge via the guarantor. The object of purchase is to be replaced. There will be no reversal against repayment of the purchase price.